Thursday, October 9, 2008

So...You StilL Think The Choice Is Left Up To The "Make Sure You Get Out & Votes" To DeCidE The DecisIons That ReQuire Great CalcuLAtion?

Don't Have To AgreE, But, You Can ConSider & Probably Should Give Some Thought

"RemEMber, YOU! MUST! LEeEeEARN!!!!!" - KRS ONE


Monday, October 6, 2008

& Now, Back To The Program (Of FolLOwing Your BlisS)

I've BeEn PutTing Up Some Thing ConcerniNg The PolitIcaL Atmos"Fear" I Started RealizIng.....That's SomeOnE Else'S System That I've BeEn Forced To ReVolve Around. Now That The Ship Is SinkINg.....Those That Have That GUTS & I Dare Say Audacity To Think FreEly, WithOut ConCerN for What Other's WilL Think, Say, etc.....WelL Then, As Nas & PetE Said.....The WORLD Is Yours!!!!! The Truth Is Though.....It ALWAYS Has, Is & WilL Be.

On That Note ThreE ChEers To The InovatOrs


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The AspirIng DictaTor...LiteralLy!!!!!

Pay ParticulAR AtTentioN To The Spot With About 1:45 ReMainINg

Don't WanNA Over Use The Phrase, But.....
"Are You Watching CloseLy?"