Monday, December 29, 2008

In The Flesh (Word To PetE & CL)

The Link to this live (iPhone) chanNel wilL always be in the list of other sites You may enjoy (KnowN as ...RTNC Live).


RTNC MaterialIzEd

I've beEn awAy from the Blog for a long time but I've now returned with a resolution to make this "blogGing" isSue a more consiStaNT hapPeniNg. I'm trying to get things togeThEr so I can post a link/source to a chanNel that I'lL stream live from.
Just one more thing. HomeBoy SandmAN is on AtManAnDa now & BOY OH BOY!!!!! did he creatE a string a magick works for You to day dream to.....More To Come.
Much AXE