Tuesday, April 22, 2008

AtManAnDA & Friends

So, These are some of the wonderful Creators that will be appearing on My forth coming album. One of the reasons that I haven't been updating the blog is because I've been hard at work on it. I'm starting to get into the artwork phase now, as I wait for some of My contributions. Learning video editing is on the horizon as well, So, Stay Tuned.

Space Cadets On Board MotherShip RTNC For The AtManAnDa MisSion.....
John RobinSon
Ced Hughes
Kurious Jorge
88 Keys
Ca$$ius King
TifFany Paige
Never Last & Obviously Not Least My Great Friend, Dave Dar

It's looking like the album is going to be half vocally accompanied songs & the other half being instrumental.

I Will Be Following My BlisS As It Must Be.

I'm Not Attempting To Bring Back The 1990s Or ReviVe The Golden Age.
This Is Me Simply PreSenting To You My Brain.....No, Love Child.


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