Friday, September 12, 2008

Is The U.S RealLY This Close To Absolute Peril?

Now, I'm Not The Type That Finds The "PolitIcaL ProcesS" BeliEvable (I've Read "The Prince" & It Had A Strong ImPact!!!!!) But, If This Is A ReflEction On The IntelLEcTual Status Of The U.S.....Trouble ShouldN't Be A SurpRise When It Rears It's Head.....

In A Disney Movie I Bet She'd Be Able To Use AlL Of Her MockseE & Win In The End, With The AbsencE Of Logic & Sound SenseS, You Know Kinda Like Forest Gump, But, The Last Time That HapPenEd & PeoplE Bought It, Wars HapPenEd & As Is Always The Case, ThesE PeoplE Do The Blah bLAH While GoOd & InNocent PeoplE Pay Dearly

Come Now Humans


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