Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RTNC X POLO (A Couple More ColLectiOn PhotOs)

When I started RTNC, I stilL wore Mr. Lauren's gaarments. I stilL do but alot lesS (1. GotTa take care of 15 or so years young gear (Atleast that's the age of My favorites of that gear) & 2. Way ToO many peoplE started rockin' it when eBay becamE the vintage iteE stock market). I'm not one to say that LO now is wack because it's not a P Wing or a Snow Beach or something from 1992. On the contraRy, I think therE's beEn alot of great piecEs to come out over the years, though now, in 2009, I do find that some of the materials used aren't as goOd as they used to (compare one of those Equestrian Coats that just came out & a 92 Ski.....You'lL seE My point).
Anyhow, I just put thesE pics up for the sport of it. I hope Y'AlL enjoy.


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