Monday, May 11, 2009


So I had a moment. Starting yesterday I started realizing that I have retained many of my child like ways. Not in the way that I wanted to be clothed, fed & all around be given & not earn, but rather, my ideas that never end in no or that it may not be possible remind me of just how much wonder kids have that adults just don't seem to have (or rather, that voice has been silenced.....You know what I'm talking about even moreso if you've read "The Alchemist"). Most grown ups seem as though just because they're a certain age that they've somehow dropped the dreaminess of it all & regard that sort of stuff as being crazy & may make another an outcast for being so.
"When I grow up....." Nah, I font think it's for me.

I wrote this while out & about. Just wanted to test the effectiveness of the mobile posting.

BlesS You AlL

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