Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The FounTain.....Of Infinity

I Have A Philosophy That Speaks Out Loud To Me Saying, "All That Is, Is You & You Are That There Has, Is & Will Be." We Have An Origin & That Point Of Genesis Has It's Beginnings As Well & So On & On.....So, You Stretch Out Well Before You Give Credance To. You Know Do, Make & Fuel Things, Events & So On That Will Feed The Future & Then On Into InFinity. Are You Seeing What I'm Getting At? Are You Watching Closely? Are You're Blinders Off? All In All, You Are Here Right Now & That Is All That Is. With That, Be, Create & Spread Greatness.
Don't Believe The Nonsense.....Rather Know, On Person CAN!!!!! Change The World.

That Said, Watch "The FounTain".....You Might Feel Something Click. A Chakra Might Even Open Up, HAha. It's A Beautiful Film About How Endless This Thing We Call Life Really Is. Fear Not.


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