Wednesday, January 9, 2008

TreatOGraphy.....The Lessons & Study ToWards Hocus Pocus

Are Your Senses Sharp?
I've Been Blessed To Develop & Study The Craft Of Sound Conception As I Make Records.....My Best Has Not Been ReLeased, And I Dare Say, I Haven't Even Made Yet. When I Tap That Frequency, The Sonic Wave Will Travel & Bounce Majestically.

L Fudge - "Show Me Your Gratitude" (Rawkus)

Sound Bombing Volume 1 (Rawkus) LP
L Fudge - "Rockin' It" (Nervous)
Independence Day Volume 1 (Nervous) LP
L Fudge - "Dimmin' The Life" (Groove Attack)
Eddie Brock - "Relax, Relate, Release" (Groove Attack)
Rich Boogie - Enriched Instrumentals (Big Daddy) LP
Cactus Jack - "Red Line" (Bi Coastal)
Network Reps - "Collabo" (Featuring L Fudge & Mike Zoot)
Eddie Ill & DL Mixtape Volume 1 (Provided All Beats For Freestyles)
Another Level - "Freak Me" (Remix) (Featuring L Fudge)
Eddie Brock & L Swift - "Melt Down" (Hydra)
Hip Hop Underground's Finest (Hydra) LP
Rubix - "Minders" (Groove Attack)

Superrappin' Volume 1 (Groove Attack) LP
Superrappin' Volume 2 (Groove Attack) LP
Rubix - "Terra Ferma" (Featuring Talib Kweli) (PhonoSynthetic)

Rubix - " Love Connection" (PhonoSynthetic)

Kwest - "Misuse" (Featuring Truth Enola) (Groove Attack)

FlipSides (Groove Attack) LP
De La Soul - "Turn It Out" (Atlantic)

Osmosis Jones SoundTrack LP
C Rayz Walz - "Gunz & Butter" (Def Jux)

C Rayz Walz - Ravipops (Def Jux) LP
WordsWorth - "Unity" (Half Tooth)

WordsWorth - Mirror Music (Half Tooth) LP
C Rayz Walz - "R.Thentic" (Def Jux)

C Rayz Walz - Year Of The Beast (Def Jux) LP
John RobinSon - "The Visionary" (From The Leak Volume 2 Album)

Rhythm Ruckus - "Future World"

R.Thentic - AtManAnDa
R.Thentic - Dalai Bombah
John RobinSon's New Album
WordsWorth's New Album
And Much MUCH More.....Kiddies

Here's A Cookie From The Vault.....

Mos Def - MathENtic

Kids & Dreamers, Inc.


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