Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nightly News.....Wisen Up Young Pedowin

“The Nightly News” is the story of John Guyton, who is definitely a very angry man and has every right to be. I will add that he certainly doesn't stay that way and the tone of the series changes as he does.

The inspiration for “The Nightly News” were the stories of innocent people like Richard Jewell (the Olympic Bomber) whose lives are basically ripped apart by billion dollar companies so they can entertain us/boost ratings/charge higher advertising rates/make more money. There are a lot of stories similar to his out there. Researching this stuff was a little scary.

“The Nightly News” simply asks the question: what happens when the media companies do that to the wrong guy?

.....George A. Tramountanas

I Found This Explaination Of The Book To Be The Best. It's Very Layered & Takes No Shorts.


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