Saturday, January 5, 2008

A World Of Wonder

These Are Some Words That I Thought Beneficial To Share.....

New worlds to explore

To fully know and appreciate the place where you are, you must go someplace else and then return. To increase your understanding, you must challenge and question what you think you know.
Your perspective gains much value when you consider it from the viewpoint of another perspective. Those who willingly, respectfully and thoughtfully entertain skeptics become the most authentic, passionate and convincing believers.

The value of what you know depends on being aware of what you do not know. Learning arises from the acceptance of your ignorance.

The most valuable experiences are those which are filled with surprises. The sights you've never seen before, and the sounds you never expected to hear, can open you to higher levels of awareness.

There is no end to the variety in the universe, and it grows with every moment. Do not hesitate to seek it out, for there will always be more.

You are never too old to feel the childlike wonder and delight of experiencing something new. Step outside of the world you know, and keep on finding new worlds to explore.

- Ralph Marston


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