Friday, January 4, 2008

R.Thentic Is R.Thentic GoodRich Who Is High Commander Of RTNC.....So, Who Am I?

Hotep Go2d People,

You can call me R.Thentic. The name comes from my birth given name, Richard, Rich, Richie, Etc... & since the music that I was making at the time the name was birthed, and is still being created, was Me pushing MySelf to push creative boundaries (I create as I speak.....I'll elaborate at a later time.....Well, Time is a relative issue, but anyway.....) and I was trying out new techniques that I was developing, or inventing, R.Thentic was concieved. I take authenticity very seriously because I believe that every single living creature in existance has it's own unique and terrific vision that they have to share and enrich existance with. To not be who You truly are, You violate YourSelf & others by curbing Your TRUE Self. And oh yeah, Being a late 70's-80's baby, if You were a "biter".....You Were OUT!!!!!
I've started this blog because I thought it would be fun to share some of My life & what I find to be dope with who ever cares to listen, read or watch. I'll be posting music, art and anything else that I've made and think You All will enjoy, as well as, sneak peeks into the makings of those particular pieces of art.....Oh Yeah, I consider life to be art.
All that said, If You're reading this, have heard of this or have been up on and or are going to put others onto this ride into the beyond & beautiful.....I welcome You wholeheartedly. Let's Spread Love & Enjoy.

AtManAnDa.....More On That Later

R.Thentic Go2dRich
Kids & Dreamers, Inc.

Signing Off.....Graces To All & Divine Bless

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