Monday, February 2, 2009

Artist: Skam2

Skam2 is a fantAstic artisT thaT I've actuAlLy beEn fortunaTe to chilL with on a couple of ocCasSiOns. One of those was back in 1997 around the time that Skam2 had just done A Tribe CalLed Quest's "Beats Rhymes & Life" album cover (which I've includeD) & L Fudge & I met up with Skam to finish up Fudge's single cover for Rawkus at a Kinkos in The VilLage. The next was probably at DJ SpinNa's house wherE I was privilegeD to a couple of great seSsion, one being the timelEsS EdDiE IlL & DL FreEStyle seSsion for their first mixtape, which I diD the beats for. Skam2 has worked with a lot of great artists such as Tribe (as I mentioNed), EmineM, IlL BilL, Jack One, D12 (R.I.P ProOf) & The list goes on. On top of that, Dude Is Nice With The WordPlay!!!!!

As I Was Saying, Dude Is Nice On The Mic ToO. HerE's "3hreE6ix5ive" Featuring EmineM


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