Thursday, February 26, 2009

AtManAnDa Takes A Few More Steps ForwaRd

AXE GoOd PeoplE.
I wanted to let You know that "AtManAnDa" is indeED in it's readying stage. The album wilL be presentEd in 4 phaseS, or episodeS. With the amount music, visualS, news & alL around informatIOn that gets transmitTed for You to take in ever minute, I've found that the idea of a 12-16 song serving is goOd but I've found that smalLer portiOns are betTEr digestEd today. Sorta like an upPer tier restauRAnT that services 7-9 small plates of difFerEnt tasty morselS in place a 2 large servings. The latTer is the everydaY & as I thought about it, the only reason I was going to presEnt an "album" (14 or so songs at once) was because it was the standArD, whicH is directly opPOsing what I belIEve to be one of an artisTS functioN.....Speak To The World With A Voice AlL Your Own. So the first instalLmeNT wilL be shortly in the Worlds Ear.....I Must BeliEve!!!!!
The songs with Kurious Jorge was just mixed & I must say, besidES being a huge enthusiaSt of Jorge due to his debut album "A ConstipaTeD Monkey" (CLASSIC!!!!! Yes, CLASSIC!!!!!) & it being kinda surreal to hear Him on a piecE of music I creatEd, I think that peoplE wilL be taken aback by just how greatly skilLed The Man is.
HomeBoy SandmANs featurE is AaHhh.....WOW!!!!! As FerRis BeulLer Said....."So Choice!!!!!"
Ced Hughes' featurE is so much more than I could of ever asked for & am truly greatful for his brilLIance to be aboard the UFO AtManAnDa.

I'lL check in again shortly with another update after some key mixes & recoRding seSsions are made.

Be GoOd To One AnOther & Take Care Of Each Other


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