Monday, February 2, 2009


L Fudge was responsible for getTing Me My first ever produced record. We met via a short lived for WNYU's great Hip Hop radio show hosted by Martin Moore & Meyhem with DJ Riz on the 1200s at the time. Fudge & I made some other okay jawns, I say okay because I was just learning how to make beats, but, to Fudge's merit, He was the reason why they were OKay cause Him being nice brought the poor production quality up. Am I being too hard on Myself? Maybe. I'm just glad I got better, much better & I got to translate what was going on in My head via technology (SP1200, MPC3000, S950, etc...) with greater & greater precision. Fudge back in 1996-1997 was the best (because had had such great ability to be funny while sharp) freestyle MC I'd heard in person & also had a knack with the pen & pad. I hope to one day get back up with the Homey because I really think he stilL got alot of music to offer.
So, Fudge, If You're reading this, You have the number.

Here's "Show Me Your Gratitude", My first production (as mixed by DJ Evil Dee on Sound Bombing Volume 1, which was/is an honor to be on). & Thanks to DJ SpinNa for letTing Me watch Him work over at Unique Studios while He was mixing & recording "What If?" (The A Side) so I could learn, pick up tips & straight up evolve musiclly in My baby beat stage.


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