Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Co$$'s TomOrRow's YestErday X R.Thentic

Co$$ (C.R.A.C Knucks) Is A F#$%ing RAD!!!!! HypeDope!!!!! MC. & Yeah & He's one of the Homeys toO. Those above are the covers for his new ofFering "TomOrRow's YestErday". The joint produceD by Exile is floating around out therE so I thought I'd ofFer up the one I did, which I'lL say right now, is possibly My best executed record (made available to the public that is, HA) to date. TherE's More To Come Fam!!!!! My Man Co$$ Is BrilLiant, SisSsSsIeEeEeEe

Co$$'s "TomOrRow's & YestErday"

& HerE's Some OfFicIal Text On The RelEase.....

"This was actually a series started by Blu a couple of years back. He put out a 5 song release called the C.O.R.E and I thought the concept was brilliant. Sene followed up Blu’s release with his own Mixtape entitled “Elevator Music” under the imprint of the C.O.R.E series. As an artist I wanted to present something that I felt not only showed my strongest points as an artist, but also where I have grown and evolved style wise. Some songs, like “Can’t I” are representations of a younger more energetic me, when I really didn’t have a full grasp of my cadence and my lyricism was slightly more simplistic. Song like “These R the Days” and “One day” almost put me in a nostalgic state when I listen to them, because I wrote those songs at very intense periods of my life. Almost every song of the Tape represents a significant phase or point of growth in my life, not necessarily the content of each song, but the time period in which each song was recorded.

Tomorrow is what I want to give you, the future of hip-hop, and Yesterday is what makes me who I am today. So listen to this with an open mind. I was not going for perfection, I want heads to see where I’ve been content wise, styles I’ve experimented with, and hopefully by the time I release my LP they know and understand who I’am, and what I represent. Thanx for all the love and support. C$$ is C$US…"


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