Thursday, February 26, 2009

Company Flow's "8 Steps To PerfEction" Plus

Boy Oh bOY!!!!! I LOVE This Record. I Hope You WerE TherE For This BeautifUl Era In Hip Hop & If You WerEn't, WelL, I Wish For You Sake This Record Speaks To You The Way It Did Us A Decade Or So (WOW!!!!!) Ago.

Plus (Ala FunCrusheR), HerE's (Yes Click HerE) An InterviEw With CoFlow On The Re RelEase Of Their CLASSIC!!!!! Album, FunCrusheR Plus.....(WHo Has The OrigInal FunCrusheR With The Simple GlosS White Jacket? I Do.....SisSeEeEeEeEe)


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