Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sick Jacken - El BarRio

Que Lo Que!?!?! I Grew Up In Washington Heights/InWoOd NYC!!!!! & if also grew up in a Hispanic neighborhoOd or are Hispanic You may know how dope this record really is...especially after having Reggeton push & push on Ya, pardon folks, I nevEr caught/bought any of that. The Heights (Go see the Broadway play "The Heights", yes based on My neighborhood, if You can) isn't a South American Hood, but does have some & much respect to Y'AlL. The Caribbean though.....IS IN FULL EFFECT (PR, DR, Cuba & Yes Even Haiti). The Latino culture growing up was/is always very powerful & this to Me is proOf of that & maybe the greatest Latino Hip Hop record ever. The way Sick emphasizes words in Spanish is something that's just only right done in that language & mannerism that accompanies it. CyresS' "Latin Lingo" got a run for their $ on this one. Then again, DJ MugGs is on the beats for both (GoOd Going Fam). I'mMa play this record 10 times in a row the next time I DJ, HAha.....Word!!!!!


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