Monday, February 2, 2009

John Robinson Featuring HomeBoy SandMan &'Em @ Fat Beats

John Robinson/P.Casso Performance & High Water Music Cypha @ Fat Beats NY from THEUNDERGROUNDCOMEUP.COM on Vimeo.

John Robinson is an EXCEPTIONAL MC & no I'm not saying that because He's a Homey. He's just put out two album, "I Am Not For Sale"

(which I produced two songs for, one being the title track, that JR & "Dreamin' Again") & "Who's The Man?" entirely produced by Monsieur DoOm himself.

John Robinson & HomeBoy SandMan (who is LOCO!!!!! with it) wilL both apPear on my project "AtManAnDa" due very soOn.....If it were alL up to Me, I'd have it out yesterday, HAha. Much SucCesS Sci.


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